Safety Assessments & Audits

Effectively managing safety means taking proactive measures rather than waiting for incidents to reveal vulnerabilities. This is why a robust assessment and audit component serves as a cornerstone for achieving top-tier safety performance and maintaining environmental compliance. Identifying potential issues before they materialize can elevate your safety program, prevent accidents, ensure ongoing compliance, mitigate environmental citations, and reduce Workers' Compensation costs.

At SCIS, our safety audits and environmental assessments transcend the ordinary, ensuring that your company and sites align seamlessly with local, state of California, and Federal OSHA requirements. We're committed to fostering a safety culture where employees and management collaboratively prioritize both effective and safe job execution. Our unwavering attention to detail is the reason why businesses across Southern California entrust us with their safety and environmental needs.

Furthermore, our environmental and safety audit team extends its services beyond the Southern California area. Irrespective of your location within the United States, we are more than willing to provide you with a quote for our comprehensive health and safety assessment services. Your commitment to safety transcends geography, and so does our dedication to helping you achieve and maintain excellence in occupational safety and environmental compliance.

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